Hey all, I was going to make a video and may still do so but, it’s Saturday morning, the day of my brothers prom so I don’t have the greatest hair and I literally just woke up.

Now that I’m not dealing with those awful classes that I somehow passed AKA Chemistry, I have more time to blog about what is new and interesting and also using my other blog more. That blog is “Baking With Riss” and I show my successes and fails, along with asking for ideas on what to bake next. Being I haven’t been home enough to bake and my apartment had the smallest kitchen you will ever see, I couldn’t really bake. Please take a look at that blog and if you would like any of the recipes just message me or subscribe to my email.IMG_2448

Now for a small update. I had a freaking math final last week on Monday at 7:30am… YES I SAID AM! Like first of all who thinks that, that would be a good idea? Second of all who is ready to do math at 7:30am? Not me that’s for sure! I’m not sure how well I did on that test being I haven’t gotten the grade back. I am registered to take that class again this summer online to maybe get a better grade and keep my GPA at a decent number. Chemistry was so tough, I broke down in the library because I couldn’t do it, I was so overwhelmed, I was sitting at a D+ going into finals, and I was the kid who never got below a B+ so I was like freaking the freak out. I emailed my professor asking what I needed to get on this final to get me to at least a C-, and he said a 71/100, mind you I haven’t passed a test in that class. So here I am studying my ass off and trying not to break down for 3 solid days. I even took a shot of Vodka before I took the test because I was so worked up and nervous. I surprisingly got a 68/100 and had 18 points of extra credit to add and I somehow got my C-. So I thank the lord above.

​While I was taking that test I had my parents and my close friend moving me out of my apartment to get me home as soon as possible. They paid the guys I live next to, to move my shit to the trailer, so it took them like 20 minutes. Then on Thursday I was off on my way home! It is now Saturday and I still haven’t unloaded half of my stuff, and the other half is still laying on the floor in the living room. Clearly I don’t want to do anything for a couple days.


Sunday, I head back down to school to road trip back to Kansas City with my friend who is from there, along with one of our other friends. 3 hours in the car to school, then 8 hours to Kansas City. It’s going to be a long two days!

Be ready for a video next week, I will finally have time…well I hope.

Have a great week,


The week of April 17th

Well good day my loves, it is currently Monday as I type this because this week for me will be hell.

Let’s start it off on a sad note, my really good friend here at college lost her dad this weekend so please keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she goes through this hard time. I am making her a care package and delivering it sometime this week in hopes to help her get through this. I lost my dad at 11 and I can’t imagine losing him at our age. Prayers for Brooke.

Since it is Monday not too much has happened so far, I was up till basically 1am doing my chemistry and math homework…. Lots of fun right? I have a Math test on Friday, which I will probably fail because I don’t understand Logrithms to save my life and that’s basically the whole test. I have a hair appointment today at 1 to get myself more blonde because summer is just 2 1/2 long weeks away. I have my last day of Chem lab on Tuesday, thank god. But I also have a 3-5 page paper due tomorrow and I haven’t started… HAHA I SUCK. Wednesday I meet with a Greek life organizer to see if I can make my own Greek chapter for Science majors. That’s exciting! Then on Thursday I have a Mock Interview for my class and there is a paper for that due on Friday. So needless to say this week is going to be awful because I have homework on top of all of that.

I hope you all had an amazing Easter weekend, I know I did. Family is one of the things I cherish most and whenever I can spend time with them, I take full advantage. Speaking of family I have started doing a family tree on my Grandma’s side (My mom’s, mom) and I have roughly 90 people on there. I haven’t added the pictures I have of them yet because I want my tree to be correct before I do that. I am super interested in where I come from and how I got here, which made me try out the 23 and me chromosome test than you can buy. I did the genetics and ancestry one which was $200.00 and I just sent it in on Saturday, so I am super excited to get it back.

Have yourselves a great week,


Back to reality…

Well since I’m back into my normal routine you can guess that it hasn’t been the best week. You would think that it being just the second week after spring break that it wouldn’t be crazy hectic and that I would be normal paced. NOPE NOPE NOPE.

Welp to start off this week, I missed class Monday due to a funeral on Sunday. Most people say they hate funerals and don’t ever want to go, me on the other hand find comfort in them. I know that sounds really weird but, I basically grew up at funerals when I was younger so I know how they work and how to act. Which is nice because, most times and most places I have no idea what I’m doing and or what I should be doing.

I love chem if you guys didn’t already know that! So this week is literally my hell. I have at least 4 chem assignments due a day, which take forever because we have to teach ourselves the sections. On Tuesday I spent 4 hours straight doing chem, no break what so ever. FOUR hours… you could say my brain was fried. So this week is just awesome to begin with.

Math on the other hand… well I’m still failing and we have a test next Wednesday and I HAVE to pass this test, like get at least a 80. BLESS MY SOUL!!! If anyone has any tips on how to study for a math test and like how to reduce panic attacks while taking math tests I’m all ears. I’ll do anything at this point.

I can’t really think of anything funny that happened this week because, I’ve been hunkered down in my house doing homework 25/8.

Wait here is a funny/not so funny story I never got to share with you since I had a makeup blog! So I think it was last semester? Or was it last year? I don’t remember but anyways I go to the Chiropractor a lot and I was on my way back and I was stopped at a red light, but you can go right on a red. I stopped because there was this utility truck in my way so I doubled checked both ways, well right as I start to go this guy on a bicycle come zooming out in front of me. I slam on my breaks mind you I was barely moving. He like tips over a little then into my car like I hit him…. he bikes off being mad and such and I just sat there like “of course this happened to me, of course!!!” So there is my fun little story for you!

I hope you all have had and amazing week and have one until next time! XOXO

A week of me

I know this is my blog about makeup, but we all have those super rough weeks that we have to share so others can laugh with us. To tell you the truth since this semester started it’s been one of those weeks for 3 of them now.

Well how do we start this week off, being it’s only Wednesday lets start with last Friday. I have math at 9am all the way on the opposite side of campus while I also have an extra 4 blocks to walk just to get to campus. I get a good 15 min walk in every other morning. However, I am someone who loves sleep so this 9am that I thought was a good idea, was definitely not one of my better ideas. Any who… so I usually get up at 7:45 eat breakfast and try get out the door by 8:45. Since spring break is coming up I have tried to start eating better so I don’t look like a whale on the beach, and one of my routines is to drink green tea on the walk to class. I went to grab my freshly brewed tea and the cup like combusted and I burnt my hand and my legs, while also have tea all over my pants and shirt. At this point it was honestly too late to change so guess who walked in 25 degree weather with wet pants to class, if you guessed me you’re 100% right.


The weekend goes by, which was fine I just had a ton of homework I needed to get done that I didn’t, per usual. Monday strolls around and I have a math test, which I think I’ll do ok on because it was review… LOL AT MYSELF!!! Tuesday before my chemistry lab I got the grade back… failed, yes actually failed, not a oh no I got a B failed, a oh sh*t I got an F failed. SO THAT WAS AWESOME! My chem lab started at 11am so I left the house around 10:35, once I stepped foot onto campus I realized I forgot the two formal lab reports back at home… So guess who had to run home with 20min to spare to grab her lab reports, yes again me. I made it to lab where my best friend and I are chem partners, well neither of us remembered to grab a jump drive to save our data on so we had to borrow someones…. Yeah we have our shit together as you can probably already tell. That lab was so confusing and hard I don’t even know if I can do my lab report for next week. Also since I failed my math test I needed to turn in all my “text book homework” to be able to do a retake, well of course I didn’t do it so I have to spend the rest of my Tuesday doing my math I never did. Also did I mention I have a chem test Wednesday at 10am? Right about that…

Wednesday rolls around and I woke up early to study chem because I was exhausted by the time I got done with my math late late Tuesday night. In hopes that this little amount of studying may help before my test in 4 hours. I made myself tea today in hopes that it goes better than last Friday, and surprisingly it did so there was a win for me this week because all these L’s are killing me. Get to chem after math and sit down just waiting to fail, I even texted my mom saying I was sorry about how bad I am doing in school, her reply was, “Failing build character”. You know what motto I’m going to be living by this semester… that one. The test I felt was a toss up, which usually means I failed, plus I still was 100% sure on how to do some of the problems so that doesn’t help. The test was 33 questions and we had 50 minutes to do it, well I finished within like the last 5 seconds… after I walked home laid down, and here I am…


I hope you all enjoyed reading how awful my week has been, I assure you that I’ll be fine (maybe) and that I hope you all are having a way better week than myself. XOXO