NYC Day 6

Well today was a very slow day for us, we weren’t sure what to do because of the weather. It was chilly here today, nothing like home obviously but, cold for here. We had originally planned to do the Highline, which is a garden built on an old railroad track, but we thought that would be prettier in the summer. Even though we thought it was too chilly to do that we decided to go to Central Park, which was very chilly. I would have been a lot better had the sun covered the park, but with all those buildings you barely get any.

We got down to Columbus Circle and decided since it was 1PM, we should eat. We ate at this restaurant called Patsy’s, it’s an Italian restaurant that has been run by a family over decades. You can’t get reservations for dinner there it is so booked, thank the Lord it wasn’t busy at lunch and we got in. It was such a cute place, and the servers were male and most were older gentlemen, such sweeties too. I would recommend Patsy’s to someone to enjoys Italian food, but to book far in advance.


Finally we got moving to Central Park, and oh my goodness it was chilly, and I think the cold only made me having to pee even worse. After our very short walk we went to a tea café to get something to warm us up, and use the bathroom. While we were walking in Central Park we saw this Macaron shop that the locals had set up, and I am a true Macaron lover so we of course had to stop and get a few. By a few I mean six…oops.


Since we were approaching 3PM we decided to make our trek back to Time’s square so my mom could get a little paperwork done before our evening of the Rockettes and a reservation at the R Lounge.

Let me start by saying the Rockettes are not what I expected, and I’m not quite sure what I expected but it wasn’t it. I feel like the hype might have been too big, like the show was decent and fun to see but, I felt like it would be more and put me in the Christmas music. I wasn’t anymore into the Christmas spirit than before but, maybe I’m just a lost cause this year. If you haven’t seen the Rockettes I’d say for sure go, but don’t listen to the crazy hype. To be completely  honest I enjoyed the Phantom of the Opera a lot more than the Rockettes, granted they are completely different things. Just thought I would walk out singing Christmas music, and ready to see some snow fall and really feel like Christmas was here, I just felt the same as before I saw the show.

See you tomorrow!

NYC day 5

Today we kind of just chilled and did what we felt like doing, once again. About a year ago I had seen a Buzzfeed video of this place called DŌ Confections, and I really wanted to try it. It is a place that makes cookie dough without eggs, so you can eat it without worrying you’ll get sick. We had to take the subway downtown to Greenwich, where there store had moved to. My mom had no idea what this place was or what is was about, also wasn’t as excited about it like I was. It was a very small store which surprised me, but explained why there was like always a line outside. We must have hit it at a good time because, there was no line in site, then maybe 10 minutes later it filled up fast.


Since we were already downtown, we decided we would go a little farther and go to the United Nations building. I was a complicated process to get in, and then we would have had to wait an hour till a guided tour was available so we just walked around the main floor, and the basement. I honestly wasn’t amused, probably because I don’t know much about it and I haven’t really talked about it in any classes or anything I’ve been apart of that I can remember. It was still cool to see though.


We made our way back by 3 though because, we had a ways to go on the subway and didn’t want to get stuck in the business again. Tonight we had a reservation at The View restaurant, which is a rotating restaurant at the top of a building. It was really cool to be able to see all the buildings lit up at night and enjoy a meal while doing it. It was very overpriced but, we did it for the experience not the food, it also took such a long time. We had reservations at 7:30PM and we didn’t leave till about 10PM, good thing it was only 2 blocks from our hotel.

See you tomorrow!

NYC day 3

Not many people like to start their day off remember the 9/11 attacks, but we decided to. We took the subway down to the 9/11 memorial and it was one of the more moving memorials. I am not one to get emotional, and I really didn’t but, when we walked through the room with all the pictures of the men and women who lost their lives, I had to keep it together. In that room there was a video playing going through all the victims and what their friends or family remembered them as, and I think that was the toughest part for me. If anyone ever wants to go, I would definitely recommend it.


After the memorial we went and caught lunch at a local bar/restaurant called the Trinity Vault. It had really good food, and was very decorated for the Holidays, and that put me in the Christmas spirit! After we headed for the New York Stock Exchange.

This was more of what my mom wanted to see, versus me obviously. You can’t go inside due to security reasons but they had this huge tree outside to look at. We didn’t spend too much time over there before we found a Tiffany & Co. shop. We went in a look around at the amazing jewelry they have, and we were given a free chocolate bar, so that was really awesome.

We decided to head back uptown because, we had wanted to run to the M&M world and get some things from there. After we were all jammed into the subway because, it was roughly 4PM we learned you don’t wait till 4PM to head back. Now we have started heading back around 3PM to avoid the craziness of the subway. Anyways, to get on the subway to take us to Time’s square we had to stop at Grand Central Station, which I obviously was excited about and posted a Gossip Girl quote with a picture from there on my Instagram. It’s a busy place, but I expected it to be a lot busier than it was. We didn’t eat anywhere special so I guess I’ll see ya tomorrow!


NYC Day 2

Well I’m going to start off saying that we hadn’t had anything set in stone, or scheduled besides the Rockettes. These next few days are just a kind of whatever we want to do, so they are kind of interesting. Today we decided we were going to try figure out the Subway system here and try get over to Brooklyn, also known as where lonely boy is from (for my gossip girl fans).

I have traveled a lot for only being 21, and I have experienced the D.C subways system, the London Underground, and Paris’s metro. Since I was and still am so used to London’s, I call them all the undergrounds, which I am not mad about so judge me. I think the NYC subway system is a mix of Paris and London’s, it took us a bit to figure it out just because, us being us, didn’t know what was uptown, versus downtown. Needless to say we figured it out quickly and are doing much better.

Brooklyn was just what we needed after yesterday and the disaster it entailed. I thought Brooklyn was really pretty and very quiet compared to where I’m staying, which is Times’s Square. So obviously Marissa that was going to be a lot quieter. We ate at this little cute coffee shop, and to be honest what caught my eye was the 2 for 1 mimosas. Who could pass that up?! Certainly not us. They also offered an amazing French toast stuffed with Nutella and bananas, my two favorite things in one place? It could not get better.

After we ate, we headed over to the Brooklyn bridge, which was so cool. The pictures we took, if you look off to the right, that apartment building was were lonely boys apartment was. You could about imagine the people over there for that specific picture, I looked at my mom at one point and said, “look at how extra some of these people are being for this picture.” They were like flipping their hair, and holding it trying to look sexy while wearing a turtle neck. So conflicting. We also took a little walk through the Brooklyn Bridge park by the river, it was a little chilly so we didn’t stay over there for long.

After we were done with the park, we were so cold we decided we needed some coffee or something to warm us up. We made our way to a small café and I ordered a Macchiato, which I was used to the Starbucks one, so when it came as a tiny little thing I was like “OH, okay.” It was good though either way.


As we made our way back to our hotel, we walked through 5th AVE and obviously bought a few things because, how can you not? We also walked outside of SAKS to look at their windows and lights. It was really cool, highly recommend. We also walked by the gigantic light string and it put me a little bit more in the Christmas Spirit. We ended that night saving some money, and ate at Olive Garden, sorry to disappoint. See you tomorrow!

New York New York

I am going to be posting everyday, what I did in New York. It will be the places I ate, the things I saw, or something stupid I saw. New York is full of people and fun sites to see, so tag along on my week long blog posts and see how I survived my week in NYC!

I had finished finals on the 14th, drove my friends to the airport on the 15th, after a night out and getting my brother’s truck towed. It was such a shit show I can’t even put it into words. After getting my friends to the airport, I had to drive home which was 4 1/2 hours from the airport. Doing that hungover and extremely tired was not the best idea, I made it though. I got home about 4pm, and I was exhausted beyond belief and I hadn’t even packed yet.


Of course I finished packing the last bits at 3am before my flight from Bemidji to MSP. That last minute packing set me back in a few ways, such as my mousse for my hair, ibuprofen, and many other things that had to be bought once we arrived. Our flight from MSP to JFK got delayed 4 1/2 hours so my mom and I hung out in the sky club lounge most of the time, by the time we got onto the flight for NYC it was delayed again another 45 min. Something that had to be reported, I’m not really sure. Anyway we made it… On a funny note, my mother while the plane was completely silent yelled so the entire plane could hear, “LOOK AT THAT USP PLANE, IT’S HUGE!!” I died from laughter and embarrassment!

The pictures below are pictures from our travel day:

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hello to all you lovely people, I hope you had a great Holiday weekend and ate tons and tons of food. My Thanksgiving wasn’t the best I’ve had, but I was thankful to spend it with my family and have some piece and quiet. My mom even asked me if I was going to see my friends from home at all and to be honest I do love them, but being able to be away from the 9 roommates I am around all the time was so nice. I can probably speak for all of us saying we needed that break.

For Thanksgiving, I went to my dad’s side for a couple hours then to my mom’s side to eat. My brother and I drove up separate than my mom and step dad because, we had to go to my real dad’s side and left early. I love seeing them, they are the sweetest and of course always offer candy and food. I really wish I was able to swing by more, but I live too far away for that. Usually we spend our Thanksgiving at our Florida home with just our intimate family but, due to my brother having to ride in the rodeo finals we stayed up north this year.

I am headed into finals week next week, that means you won’t here from me till after my trip to NYC, so a little after Christmas. I hope you all crush those finals and have a GREAT CHRISTMAS!!!


Oh October…

Sorry I forgot to post yesterday, but I had a major stats test that I had to study for. That test totally killed me and I studied for 5 hours straight in the library, and I have friends that can confirm it. This class will be the death of me, I even told my mom that if my test goes horrible I am dropping this class.

I have contemplated talking to the dean because, I am trying my hardest and none of us finished on time. Hell no, that’s not our fault, thats his. I am just so done with unfair and unreasonable professors.

On a happier note, Florida was amazing and much needed. I got drunk everyday in the pool, and one day I was so drunk at supper I don’t even remember going… Freaking cheers to that! We went out on the boat the last full day we were there and it was so hot I burnt the shit out of myself. I didn’t realize it then, till now because I am peeling like a MOFO. I can’t wait to go back, we usually do every Thanksgiving but this year we won’t be able to make it. That means my next vacay is spring break which means…. MEXICO!!! We have quite a group going this year, so bless up.

This past week has been kind of hellish for me, with that stats homework being due on Monday of break, and then the test today (Tuesday 17th). You can say I was stressed and still am because of it. I have two tests this week, two tests next week and had a test last Friday. It has been the literal worst. Just need some prayers to make it through TBH.

Last night after I spent 5 hours studying, I was about brained out. That mean it was time for a jam sesh. I drove with my friend for like an hour jamming out, then my other friend and her friend came over and we had a 3 hour dance party in my room with my roommates. What a time to be alive!

Also next weekend is my 21st birthday weekend so maybe send a few prayers for the hangover.. and be ready for the stories… if I remember!

Have a great week!


Fall Break 2017

This week was a little eventful to say the least!

It was the week I was leaving for Florida and I wanted to get most of my homework done before, because who wants to do homework on vacation? No one.

Monday was a busy day for me, I was trying to get that dreadful stats homework done, it is currently Friday and it still isn’t finished. Bless me.

The guy in my stats class sits in front of me noticed that I had skipped Tuesday (for a valid reason, a migraine). He was like “we missed you Tuesday” and I was like oops sorry, but not really. Then he told me better news, that our assignment deadline got moved from Saturday to Monday, which is amazing. Granted I have like only three questions left to do.

On Wednesday, my friend Korryn came up to work beer pong at this bar downtown, and it gets over at like 2:30am so she stayed at my house. I didn’t hear her come in thank God because, I had lab at 9am Thursday morning. I had finished my lab assignment prior so all I had to do was drop it off and leave, which I did. I got to lab like five minutes late though. Then went to the tutor center in hopes of getting help with this fricken stats homework. The tutor didn’t show up till 10am when she was supposed to be there at 9. I was a little annoyed but she helped me as much as she could before class at 11. Then went to class, struggled per usual, and then went home.

Korryn was still there when I got home which was like 12:30pm. I was crabby because, of stats but I was trying to be calm and she wasn’t helping but it was fine. She filled me in though that she was going to go get coffee with this wrestler, which isn’t surprising because she likes wrestlers. She left and I pounded out two quizzes, finished packing, showered, and had Brooke come get me so we could head to her house.

We left at like 2pm so we wouldn’t hit traffic and so we could get our nails done. The lady that did my nails like filed them off, it hurt so bad. They also don’t look the best, granted I did only pay $21. After that I had to take another quiz because, it wasn’t open till 5pm. How annoying is that? Whatever.

While I was getting ready to take my quiz korryn calls, and these phone calls are always interesting because you don’t know what she is going to say. Well it was to update me on her little date that was supposed to be coffee. Turns out she ended up going to his house and getting pizza and pop, then proceeds to have sex with him twice…. I was and wasn’t shocked. She said he was just like her but in guy form, which can be scary. But I think she actually likes him because, she was super about him and usually she isn’t about the guy after they sleep together. You know those girls that use their sign and compare it to a guy’s? Well that was her… she goes, “Marissa, the best part is… we are both Scorpio’s” What do I say to that? Congrats?

So anyways, that was awesome.

My friend Jenni got a call from her mom and her mom said she had a weird thing on her face biopsied. There is a chance it could be cancer, but we are praying it isn’t. When she called, she was a wreck, as expected, and I felt so bad because I was home to go sit with her. Any prayers for her mom is wanted and appreciated.

I am currently on the plane avoiding homework, and people. I have a lil horror story for you. Me being me had to get a chai before we boarded the flight because I was up at 6:15am and this bitch isn’t about it. All was good, just letting it cool as we boarded. I am to my seat with it in my hand and go to set down my bag and I don’t know what happened but I spilt it all over myself and the gentlemen that was sitting right across from me. You could say I wanted to go hide and felt awful. I hate myself every second of this flight dammit. So today is off to a great start..

I just can’t with being on this plane anymore because of it. I couldn’t really do anything either because everyone was boarding behind me. FML for real.

Florida ain’t even ready for this shit show let me tell you.

In my next blog I’ll talk about my Florida trip! Here’s a few pictures till then!


Graduation Weekend

I can honestly say I am so glad this weekend is finally over. Some people actually enjoy graduation weekend, but being a graduate and a graduates sibling is kinda close to being in hell; if you ask me.

Last week I put off baking two-hundred cupcakes, yes 200 cupcakes. Mini and normal size, which I also had to decorate. The mini ones were grass, and the normal size cupcakes were baseballs… Yeah it took over my life for two whole days, which is why I will never eat a cupcake again (that’s a lie). I had to call my cousin and her friend to come help this sister out. They took over on making the baseballs and the chocolate covered strawberries; which were a major hit.

The party seemed to never end, well it did at like midnight but it felt like it drug on forever. I was surprised at how well my brother handled it, he wasn’t too thrilled to have to stand and greet people for four hours (can you blame him?). I was glad that a lot of people he invited showed up, he also was very happy about that. Coaches, teachers, friends, family, lake friends, just everyone who showed up deserves a huge thank you. To those who couldn’t make it, thank you for the cards you sent.

There was one gift that really stood out to my brother and I, it was something of my dad’s that he received. One of my dads really good friends came to Brock’s graduation which was really nice of him. He gave Brock a card, but he also gave Brock gifts he received from being a pallbarer at my dads funeral. It was my dad’s money clip with his name engrave on it, and the hat my dad wore to work. It wasn’t a gift we expected, but we are thrilled he thought that Brock could now have a gift he was given. I am so thankful for the great people who are still in our lives even after we lost our father, it means so much to get gifts like that and to still hear stories. We still grieve everyday because, you never stop grieving and gifts like this help. We still learn about our father we had such a short time with, and we can’t be more thankful for that. So a huge thank you to Torgy for giving Brock such an amazing gift he will cherish for forever.

This weekend was great and I am so thankful for it all, now on to sub-section, section, and state baseball. Go Greyhounds!

The Greyhounds played their first game at BSU against Lake of the Woods, and got a win over them. That advanced them to play Black Duck, which they swept to become the sub-section champs. They play again on Thursday for sections. (I am bundled up because it was 40 degrees and wind).

IMG_4234 IMG_4235

I’m sorry I didn’t get my blog out last week on Thursday… My brother’s team won by one run, and an amazing catch that a freshmen made! They play this week ( June 5th) to see if they’re heading to state! Updates to come!