Back to reality…

Well since I’m back into my normal routine you can guess that it hasn’t been the best week. You would think that it being just the second week after spring break that it wouldn’t be crazy hectic and that I would be normal paced. NOPE NOPE NOPE.

Welp to start off this week, I missed class Monday due to a funeral on Sunday. Most people say they hate funerals and don’t ever want to go, me on the other hand find comfort in them. I know that sounds really weird but, I basically grew up at funerals when I was younger so I know how they work and how to act. Which is nice because, most times and most places I have no idea what I’m doing and or what I should be doing.

I love chem if you guys didn’t already know that! So this week is literally my hell. I have at least 4 chem assignments due a day, which take forever because we have to teach ourselves the sections. On Tuesday I spent 4 hours straight doing chem, no break what so ever. FOUR hours… you could say my brain was fried. So this week is just awesome to begin with.

Math on the other hand… well I’m still failing and we have a test next Wednesday and I HAVE to pass this test, like get at least a 80. BLESS MY SOUL!!! If anyone has any tips on how to study for a math test and like how to reduce panic attacks while taking math tests I’m all ears. I’ll do anything at this point.

I can’t really think of anything funny that happened this week because, I’ve been hunkered down in my house doing homework 25/8.

Wait here is a funny/not so funny story I never got to share with you since I had a makeup blog! So I think it was last semester? Or was it last year? I don’t remember but anyways I go to the Chiropractor a lot and I was on my way back and I was stopped at a red light, but you can go right on a red. I stopped because there was this utility truck in my way so I doubled checked both ways, well right as I start to go this guy on a bicycle come zooming out in front of me. I slam on my breaks mind you I was barely moving. He like tips over a little then into my car like I hit him…. he bikes off being mad and such and I just sat there like “of course this happened to me, of course!!!” So there is my fun little story for you!

I hope you all have had and amazing week and have one until next time! XOXO


I hope you all had a great week because for once I did too! It helped that I was on spring break in Mexico obviously! I’m sorry for those of you who saw last weeks video, it was not supposed to be published at all, let alone to Facebook. My apologies.

Spring break was quite a time it all started with getting there on the plane. We were on our connecting flight to Chicago and Jenni nudges me saying, “I can’t find my passport.” Obviously there was pure terror for a couple of minutes till we found it on the floor. That would’ve been so so bad. On the flight to Mexico from Chicago this girl sat next to us and she looked like the actor off of “50 Shades of Grey” but she was not having Jenni and my goofing off. Honestly don’t blame her but it got to be such a long flight.

Arriving in Mexico was a shit show because, we couldn’t find the sign with our last names on it to be picked up. Once we finally found it Sam’s name wasn’t on the list and by this time we were all just so done and sweating like pigs because it’s 75 and humid while we were dressed for the tundra. In our car was a family from Kentucky and the guy we were talking to knew where Bemidji was and we were all blown away by that. His one comment that we all loved was ” Yeah the Beavers? My buddy got me a sweatshirt of theirs and it’s so comfy I wear it out.” LOL yes the Beavers.



None of us really burnt until the second to last day, aka Jenni. Poor Jenni was so burnt she had to take an ice bath in the room. The rest of us were pretty good about not burning, we would get pink but not burn. Also most days we were drunk by noon because it was all-inclusive so why not right? I swear I gained so much weight in that short week we were there. Room service was our life when it was like midnight and it was always good.


I am so glad I got to spend a week in Mexico with my friends and had an amazing time. I hope you all enjoy your spring breaks this week because I am jealous even though I just had mine. I didn’t post a video this week because I can’t really share many stories from Mexico and my hair is pink for some reason, so that’s really awesome. IMG_3658

New blog, New me?

Well I’m sure you were all confused when I changed from Beauty Minimalist to Marissa Marie. I did that because my life has been so crazy lately and I thought it’d be easier for me to keep up with that, instead of the latest makeup trends.

This blog will entail many different aspects of my life, love, hate, college, family, vacations, and so forth. This ride will be fun and I really hope you enjoy it!

So here is my first video of my life blog! P.S. there is a bit of strong language..Sorry! Also I had food poisoning last night so please bear with my crazy hair!



February 13th 2017 (my life)

I’m writing to you about my life again because honestly I just need people to laugh with me at this point. I am going to start off with the most recent moment, which was today.

I went tanning with my friend because, in just 19 long days we will be in Mexico drunk off our asses. She drove us there and when she drove me home we pull into my driveway and some homeless man is digging through our dumpster, while everyone is yelling at him our their windows. Honestly it was kind of scary so my friend drove around the block and had me sit in her car and call the police so he’d leave and get fed. I called the police and right as we were about to hang up he left so they never came. Thank goodness. What a Monday right?

Well this last weekend it was my friends 20th birthday and she had recently moved out to Las Vegas and wanted me to come out. Friday I flew out around 5:30pm and landed there at like 7pm and I was so excited to see her and the new Fifty Shades Darker movie!!! If you’ve seen it you know what I’m talking about. It was better than the last one because it was more about their love story than they kinky sex.FullSizeRender.jpg

The next day we went shopping and then hung out around the house till it was time for Chippendales!!!! If you have never heard of it, look it up so you can watch a sneak peak. I highly recommend it! Then comes Sunday when I need to fly out, so I check in using my app for delta and I don’t have a seat assignment. I was annoyed because I am a skymiles member and I should be one of the firsts to have a nice seat. Whatever. I get my seat and you can probably guess where I got seated. YUP the very back of the plane… AHAHAH my life is almost too perfect. Any who I made it home safely thank goodness. There was a good 15 minutes where we hit really bad turbulence like I couldn’t type on my computer and thought I wasn’t going to make it.


Here is to this week guys! We can do it! Well maybe you guys can but I’ll struggle through per usual. Love to all.


A week of me

I know this is my blog about makeup, but we all have those super rough weeks that we have to share so others can laugh with us. To tell you the truth since this semester started it’s been one of those weeks for 3 of them now.

Well how do we start this week off, being it’s only Wednesday lets start with last Friday. I have math at 9am all the way on the opposite side of campus while I also have an extra 4 blocks to walk just to get to campus. I get a good 15 min walk in every other morning. However, I am someone who loves sleep so this 9am that I thought was a good idea, was definitely not one of my better ideas. Any who… so I usually get up at 7:45 eat breakfast and try get out the door by 8:45. Since spring break is coming up I have tried to start eating better so I don’t look like a whale on the beach, and one of my routines is to drink green tea on the walk to class. I went to grab my freshly brewed tea and the cup like combusted and I burnt my hand and my legs, while also have tea all over my pants and shirt. At this point it was honestly too late to change so guess who walked in 25 degree weather with wet pants to class, if you guessed me you’re 100% right.


The weekend goes by, which was fine I just had a ton of homework I needed to get done that I didn’t, per usual. Monday strolls around and I have a math test, which I think I’ll do ok on because it was review… LOL AT MYSELF!!! Tuesday before my chemistry lab I got the grade back… failed, yes actually failed, not a oh no I got a B failed, a oh sh*t I got an F failed. SO THAT WAS AWESOME! My chem lab started at 11am so I left the house around 10:35, once I stepped foot onto campus I realized I forgot the two formal lab reports back at home… So guess who had to run home with 20min to spare to grab her lab reports, yes again me. I made it to lab where my best friend and I are chem partners, well neither of us remembered to grab a jump drive to save our data on so we had to borrow someones…. Yeah we have our shit together as you can probably already tell. That lab was so confusing and hard I don’t even know if I can do my lab report for next week. Also since I failed my math test I needed to turn in all my “text book homework” to be able to do a retake, well of course I didn’t do it so I have to spend the rest of my Tuesday doing my math I never did. Also did I mention I have a chem test Wednesday at 10am? Right about that…

Wednesday rolls around and I woke up early to study chem because I was exhausted by the time I got done with my math late late Tuesday night. In hopes that this little amount of studying may help before my test in 4 hours. I made myself tea today in hopes that it goes better than last Friday, and surprisingly it did so there was a win for me this week because all these L’s are killing me. Get to chem after math and sit down just waiting to fail, I even texted my mom saying I was sorry about how bad I am doing in school, her reply was, “Failing build character”. You know what motto I’m going to be living by this semester… that one. The test I felt was a toss up, which usually means I failed, plus I still was 100% sure on how to do some of the problems so that doesn’t help. The test was 33 questions and we had 50 minutes to do it, well I finished within like the last 5 seconds… after I walked home laid down, and here I am…


I hope you all enjoyed reading how awful my week has been, I assure you that I’ll be fine (maybe) and that I hope you all are having a way better week than myself. XOXO




LipSense the NEW CRAZE!!

Everyone is talking about this new product called LipSense and it’s taking the lip lovers by storm! Myself being one I had to try it out! I also have a friend who has bought a few colors and took me to a party give me her take on it.

I heard about this makeup line, which is mostly known for their lip glosses through a Facebook page that I was added to. These lip glosses do not come off for anything. Which any lip lover would die to have right? Well I heard some mixed reviews and wanted to try it out for myself. My friend invited me to go to a party with her to try it and see what I think.

She had already tried it and this was her first initial thought,”Before trying them I was skeptical because I didn’t believe they would be better than the Kylie Lip kits…” Well her first impression didn’t go to well, she said it took basically rubbing alcohol to get it off and she was not about to do that. This is her view of them now, “…but after trying them I love them. If you want long-lasting lipstick with a nice glossy finish this stuff is bomb. Honestly, it stays on way better than the Lip Kits. Plus there are so may colors to choose from. Definitely worth the money if you ask me.”

My initial thoughts were holy I am not using something that you need rubbing alcohol to get off no way. Well I went to the party and swatched on like 20 different colors before trying a light color; I don’t like myself in darks colors so I had to play it safe. Well it burns as you put it on, and I was not about that. Then you apply the gloss, but you have to keep your lips stretched while making this weird face to do so. Wasn’t a fan of that. I applied two more colors, and the last one was a little dark and literally stayed on through supper. I went to use a makeup wipe to remove it and it didn’t take it all off. It literally doesn’t come off.

I will not tell you not to buy it because we all have different opinions, if you think this sounds like something you want to try, definitely go for it! If it’s something you don’t think is for you, them by all means pass it up. I may get one color just for those nights out but it’s not something I’d wear all the time. Have any of you tried it? What are your thoughts?


2017 Must Haves

I am very picky about what I use on my face and my hair, so these are the things that I have loved and making sure I bring into 2017 with me.

Let’s start with makeup. I used to be the girl who only had mascara and eyeliner that I never used, now I have a makeup tote full of makeup and in need of another one. That means I have tried quite a bit of makeup this past year and here are a few I am definitely taking with me:

My Kylie Jenner lip kits, and her new brushes. They are just the best stay on lip sticks I can find, I had a friend try the lipsense lip gloss and she said you basically needed rubbing alcohol to get it off. That’s definitely not what I want. Congrats to Kylie, you’re coming into 2017 with me.

I am probably a Tarte maniac so I have to bring my Tarte pallets and oils with me! I have the Pro Glow, Tarte in bloom, young, wild & free pallet, the Maracuja oil and eye treatment, and color your world color correcting pallet. I absolutely love the oil and eye treatment, I was skeptical of the oil when I started using it thinking it would make me break out even more but it has been the opposite and I LOVE IT! The eye treatment sometimes makes my eyes chapped so I use it around twice a week because of that but it has worked for me! The way the Tarte pallets colors are so true and stay as pigmented makes my heart happy and I think that’s why I am currently obsessed!


img_3366I love the Anastasia Beverly hills contour kit. It is my favorite one however, I just wish it had better highlights and maybe more of the glow. I still love all the different dark contour shades it has, my face is very light in the winter compared to the summer so having more than one color to contour is like a saving grace.


My Urban decay that I have is the prep spray and the eye primer along with the naked pallets, and I love them all. However, I am on a Tarte kick so the eye shadow may make a couple of appearances in 2017 but not as much as my Tarte pallets will. They eye primer and Prep spray will be brought into 2017 because  I love how light they both feel on my skin and how well each of them work! I’ve been using the same eye primer for about a year and I won’t use any other because I just love it so much! The prep spray is actually not the one I originally wanted to get, but I actually love it and how it doesn’t make my face feel gross and that it is vitamin infused. I am a freak about my face and what is used on it so whenever I can get vitamins or organic oils on it, I’ll take it!


To finish off with the makeup I’m taking with me into 2017, I’ll be taking my amazing brush wash! I have those Kylie brushes that are white and I’ve used basically black on them and somehow that amazing wash got it out. I use it on all my brushes all the time, like you should after every use.


For the beauty side such as my hair, which is curly, blonde and damaged these are the products I am bringing into 2017.

I absolutely LOVE this mousse, I struggled finding the right one till I was about 16 and I haven’t looked back. You can get those certain mousses that make your hair crunchy no matter the amount you use, or the ones who barely work unless you use so much it becomes crunchy. This one however has never made my hair crunchy and it has provided me with non frizz curls for 4 years and I won’t go without it. The downside to this product is you can’t just go out and buy it, you have to get it through your hairdresser, yes it is more on the expensive side but very very worth it.


I love the Aveda hair care, I will not go to a salon that doesn’t use Aveda because it is so natural and the most healthiest color that’s out there. When I studied abroad I made sure there was an Aveda salon I could get to! This leave in conditioner is honestly the best you can find and it does wonders. You have to use it sparingly though, a little goes a long way! I don’t go anywhere without this bad boy!


I just recently started using the brand Bumble and Bumble, which I was skeptical of at first because it wasn’t my typical Aveda brand. Turns out to be one of my favorite brands along side Aveda. I have the Booster Spray, Blow Dry, and Invisible Oil for dry to very dry hair. I love the booster spray, I had really and I mean really bad breakage and this spray has really helped keep those baby length hairs growing and not having coarse or split ends. I use that before I apply my Aveda leave in conditioner. The Blow dry serum is also another great product because you apply in to help prevent heat damage when your hair is wet. My hair hasn’t had any sign of heat damage since I started using it (keep in mind my hair isn.t blow dried all that much). The last product is the dry to dry hair treatment and man oh man to I swear by this. My hair has been dyed platinum blonde for a couple of years and it’s seen better days but once I found this treatment my hair has never been more healthy. I even got my brother to try it because he rocks the long hair during the winter months, and being a guy he even noticed so ladies go try this one out!

My last product is for us blondes that have a tougher time keeping your blonde vibrant. I have well water at home and that makes my blonde become very brassy so to keep my blonde less brassy and more blonde I use the Paul Mitchell Blonde shampoo. It really does keep your blonde hair very vibrant and blonde till you can get in again and I totally recommend this shampoo if you’re a blonde or plan to be one.


I wish you all the happiest of new years, and if you try one of these products please let me know what you thought! XOXO


My Christmas Outfit

I am going to start with a tad of a background story so this blog makes sense. My parents were divorced and my dad passed away 9 years ago and every Christmas Eve I go to his side of the family’s Christmas, and the Christmas day is spent with my mom’s side. I also lost my grandpa on my mom’s side a couple of years ago so every Christmas Eve I go to church with my grandma. These are the pictures from Christmas Eve and what I wore.

My brother looks like a goof so don’t mind him. I wore a navy blue turtleneck dress, with black bootie heels and a 3 tier necklace. It was very comfy and cute. On my lips were the shade “Angel” from the Kylie Christmas Edition. I had Tarte in bloom on my eyes, Anastasia contour, with Tarte highlight and Pür powder. img_3293

I’m sorry I didn’t take a selfie for you guys I thought I had.

I need to share with you this funny story that happened on Christmas Day and that grandma in the picture above’s house. (My mom’s, mom) My brother has never brought a girl to Christmas so it was kind of big deal, and my aunt, my uncle, and I set them up  a date table which is normally the little kid table. How cute is it?!

I hope you all had amazing Holidays! Cheers to the new year! XOXO