Long update…

As I assume you may or may not have noticed, I haven’t posted since our trip to Florida. I apologize a lot for that because I said I would be better at making weekly posts. However, after Florida my life was literally crazy till probably this last week. It has to do with the Halloween and life and I just could not catch two seconds to myself.

Lets start with halloweekend. If you’re in college or ever went, or just know what halloweekend is then you don’t need the explanation. For those who have no idea, it’s the weekend before Halloween when you party nonstop until basically the day after Halloween. For me, my birthday is the 29th of October so I get caught up in the mess of halloweekend and Halloween. I went home that weekend on Friday because, my friends back home went out to supper with me. Then my crazy ass drove 3 1/2 hours back to college to go to a party at the hockey house on Saturday. I mean it was worth it because, we had a ton of fun but the 3 1/2 hours wasn’t very fun. Then Sunday was my birthday so of course it being my 21st we had to go out and get drunk at the bars and sing karaoke. I surprisingly didn’t have a hangover or didn’t feel like shit the next day, but I also still didn’t go to class. It was a great time especially because, my friends and I had a theme and it was USA so we had some great outfits.

It took me like the whole first week of November to recover because, first, of all my liver was dying and second, of all because, I was exhausted from late nights. I took this last weekend to relax a little and catch up on some sleep.

This past Thursday was one of our roomies 21st birthday, so we obviously went out for it. It was such a fun night, but right before we left the bars I just got pissed and I’m not sure why. I yelled and made myself mac and cheese and went to bed because, I just couldn’t with people anymore.

This next week shouldn’t be too terrible until I get my last bio test back, and take my stats test Tuesday. Have a great week!


Oh October…

Sorry I forgot to post yesterday, but I had a major stats test that I had to study for. That test totally killed me and I studied for 5 hours straight in the library, and I have friends that can confirm it. This class will be the death of me, I even told my mom that if my test goes horrible I am dropping this class.

I have contemplated talking to the dean because, I am trying my hardest and none of us finished on time. Hell no, that’s not our fault, thats his. I am just so done with unfair and unreasonable professors.

On a happier note, Florida was amazing and much needed. I got drunk everyday in the pool, and one day I was so drunk at supper I don’t even remember going… Freaking cheers to that! We went out on the boat the last full day we were there and it was so hot I burnt the shit out of myself. I didn’t realize it then, till now because I am peeling like a MOFO. I can’t wait to go back, we usually do every Thanksgiving but this year we won’t be able to make it. That means my next vacay is spring break which means…. MEXICO!!! We have quite a group going this year, so bless up.

This past week has been kind of hellish for me, with that stats homework being due on Monday of break, and then the test today (Tuesday 17th). You can say I was stressed and still am because of it. I have two tests this week, two tests next week and had a test last Friday. It has been the literal worst. Just need some prayers to make it through TBH.

Last night after I spent 5 hours studying, I was about brained out. That mean it was time for a jam sesh. I drove with my friend for like an hour jamming out, then my other friend and her friend came over and we had a 3 hour dance party in my room with my roommates. What a time to be alive!

Also next weekend is my 21st birthday weekend so maybe send a few prayers for the hangover.. and be ready for the stories… if I remember!

Have a great week!


Fall Break 2017

This week was a little eventful to say the least!

It was the week I was leaving for Florida and I wanted to get most of my homework done before, because who wants to do homework on vacation? No one.

Monday was a busy day for me, I was trying to get that dreadful stats homework done, it is currently Friday and it still isn’t finished. Bless me.

The guy in my stats class sits in front of me noticed that I had skipped Tuesday (for a valid reason, a migraine). He was like “we missed you Tuesday” and I was like oops sorry, but not really. Then he told me better news, that our assignment deadline got moved from Saturday to Monday, which is amazing. Granted I have like only three questions left to do.

On Wednesday, my friend Korryn came up to work beer pong at this bar downtown, and it gets over at like 2:30am so she stayed at my house. I didn’t hear her come in thank God because, I had lab at 9am Thursday morning. I had finished my lab assignment prior so all I had to do was drop it off and leave, which I did. I got to lab like five minutes late though. Then went to the tutor center in hopes of getting help with this fricken stats homework. The tutor didn’t show up till 10am when she was supposed to be there at 9. I was a little annoyed but she helped me as much as she could before class at 11. Then went to class, struggled per usual, and then went home.

Korryn was still there when I got home which was like 12:30pm. I was crabby because, of stats but I was trying to be calm and she wasn’t helping but it was fine. She filled me in though that she was going to go get coffee with this wrestler, which isn’t surprising because she likes wrestlers. She left and I pounded out two quizzes, finished packing, showered, and had Brooke come get me so we could head to her house.

We left at like 2pm so we wouldn’t hit traffic and so we could get our nails done. The lady that did my nails like filed them off, it hurt so bad. They also don’t look the best, granted I did only pay $21. After that I had to take another quiz because, it wasn’t open till 5pm. How annoying is that? Whatever.

While I was getting ready to take my quiz korryn calls, and these phone calls are always interesting because you don’t know what she is going to say. Well it was to update me on her little date that was supposed to be coffee. Turns out she ended up going to his house and getting pizza and pop, then proceeds to have sex with him twice…. I was and wasn’t shocked. She said he was just like her but in guy form, which can be scary. But I think she actually likes him because, she was super about him and usually she isn’t about the guy after they sleep together. You know those girls that use their sign and compare it to a guy’s? Well that was her… she goes, “Marissa, the best part is… we are both Scorpio’s” What do I say to that? Congrats?

So anyways, that was awesome.

My friend Jenni got a call from her mom and her mom said she had a weird thing on her face biopsied. There is a chance it could be cancer, but we are praying it isn’t. When she called, she was a wreck, as expected, and I felt so bad because I was home to go sit with her. Any prayers for her mom is wanted and appreciated.

I am currently on the plane avoiding homework, and people. I have a lil horror story for you. Me being me had to get a chai before we boarded the flight because I was up at 6:15am and this bitch isn’t about it. All was good, just letting it cool as we boarded. I am to my seat with it in my hand and go to set down my bag and I don’t know what happened but I spilt it all over myself and the gentlemen that was sitting right across from me. You could say I wanted to go hide and felt awful. I hate myself every second of this flight dammit. So today is off to a great start..

I just can’t with being on this plane anymore because of it. I couldn’t really do anything either because everyone was boarding behind me. FML for real.

Florida ain’t even ready for this shit show let me tell you.

In my next blog I’ll talk about my Florida trip! Here’s a few pictures till then!


What a week..

This week wasn’t as eventful as I had hoped for you guys, however, it wasn’t not eventful neither. The dog has caused issues, I feel bad for constantly asking a roommate to turn their music down, and the roommates have been venting to me about the others. This house is like jersey shore without the excessive amount of alcohol and bar hookups.

Lets say this week started off good, it was suppose to be my week of positivity. Like whenever something went wrong, I thought about the positive aspect of it. It was going well until yesterday, when my mail man said my package was delivered and it was no where to be found (yesterday was Wednesday). It’s kind of ironic because, my package was 365 days of positivity. Well this is what I get for trying right? And don’t you doubt that I tweeted at Trump about it. By the time I thought about calling the post office to ask what happened, it was too late because, they are so strict with their 8 to 5pm schedule. Anyways I calmed down and figured my life out for the rest of the day, but on Thursday I gave them a call at like 8:30am before they got too busy to figure out what happened. Do you remember be talking about that dog that lives with us? Well turns out he scared the mail man away and I now have to go get my package at the post office. I would be more mad had the post office been a ways a away, but if I needed to I could walk to it. However, I will not because, it is a little scary here but I am just glad I found out where my package was.

You know those roommates that feel the need to blast music at 11pm, because they don’t have class till 3pm the next day. Aren’t those your fav? Mine too! I feel like I am the roommate who always asks this specific roommate to turn down his music at 11pm. Granted I have my Biology Lab at 9am, so that means get up at 7:30-8 to leave the house by 8:35 to make it there on time. I first texted and asked for it to be turned down a little, then I had to go up there because, it was still loud in my room. We figured out it was his sub he had on the floor, and that is what I was hearing. I feel bad because, I don’t want to be that roommate raining on his parade, but at the same time I have tough classes that are early in the morning. I just hope it gets better ya know?

Today (Thursday) was going fine, stats was like the worst ever per usual and has me literally stressing out. Besides that I met with my advisor and you know how that goes… He tells you where you should be, and you’re always behind, and then asks why. Like okay dude chill, I am still only 20 years old trying to figure my life out thanks. I had a friend pick me up when I was done and we dropped another friend off, and on our way back to my place I saw something on the road that looked flipped over, like a car. The traffic was still going so I made her go over there to see if we needed to help. We saw a motorcycle had flipped and the guy was not moving. My heart dropped. I have lost a lot of people in my life and I get this weird feeling in my stomach and it’s not butterflies or like a pit, it’s a different kind of feeling. Every time I get it, someone died. When my dad died I got it, when my grandpa died I got it, when my friends dad died I got it, and today I got it. I got so worked up I almost threw up. I never feel like I’m going to throw up like ever, and today I did. I am praying that my feeling in my stomach was wrong and that he will be okay. So please pray with me. I know you are getting this story a week later, but even if he didn’t make it, he will know people care.

I can’t thank the lord above enough that tomorrow is Friday. This week went by fast and okay but I am ready for Florida (over fall break).


As I sit here on Sunday afternoon, I am contemplating like everything in my life. Lately I have felt like I can’t achieve the major I am in and it has me stressing myself out to the max. I try talk to my mom about it, but she runs a business so she is constantly stressed out and doesn’t really have time to help. I talked a little bit to one of my friends’ mom and she told me she thinks that I would do well in marketing and to maybe try take a marketing class. This is so hard for me though because, I am the person who sets her mind to something and if that something changes I feel like I let myself and others down. When in all reality I didn’t let anyone down but myself. I am just so unsure of everything that I am becoming lost and confused and I don’t know where to go. I just hope this week I figure at least something out.

I hope you all have an amazing week!


I am back…!!!

I said earlier, like August, that I would start blogging again. Well you can see how well that went. Once school started it was so crazy busy I barely had time to go to the bathroom. Okay yes I am being dramatic, but it was crazy busy. I am going to give you a little update on myself and what’s new because, I do live in a house with 9 others so there is bound to be some fun and not so fun times.

Let me start with the school side of it. I am now more into my major, and can apply after this fall semester!! Exciting for us who are trying to adult. I will say though, that after chemistry last year I am not confident in myself when it comes to tests or anything and I am trying to work on that. I think I got so used to doing poorly it just put me in a funk and I am slowly climbing my way out.


In my major I have to take a Stats class that is an intro to stats but more on a scientific level. I was so pumped because, first of all it wasn’t regular math, and second of all you are applying science to it to make it relatable. LOL why do I think those things… I ended up with a professor who sounds like he is from the heart of Africa and doesn’t answer your questions, he takes the long way around which makes it more confusing. I don’t understand him, so therefore I don’t understand what we are doing. You are probably thinking well just read the book at teach yourself, well guys… he wrote the book. Now you’re probably thinking, go to the tutor center, too late pal I did and she couldn’t help me. So I took it upon myself after my 4th breakdown over it, to contact the other professor and see if I could meet up with them. Of course they said anytime during office hours, but of course I haven’t gone because the office hours are 8:30am-10am. So there is that.


For my living situation, man do I got stories to tell. Where do I even start though, it’s not like I only have one roomie with one story. I’ll start with recent events, and then see where the wind takes us. One of my roomies just got a dog about 3 or 4 weeks ago, which all of us were excited about right? Well this dog is from the human society, which breaks all of our hearts, and he has anxiety to top it off. He is 1 1/2 years old and has meds for his anxiety. Well everyone who has had or been around a young dog knows that they have a ton of energy. Well his owner seems to forget, and he goes nuts around the house ruining people’s stuff. Just the other day he ruined one of my other roommates bras, and it wasn’t like a target one, it was Victoria Secret. He has peed on the floor, ate peoples food, and dug holes in the yard. It doesn’t stop there, he is also living here illegally, which she told us he was here legally. He was a great dog and still is, but he is lashing out because, she took him off his anxiety meds cold turkey. He has started biting people and leaving bruises or blood blisters, and barking uncontrollably. So that is one situation. Another was when I think I left the house for maybe 30 minutes at most, and somehow my roomies managed to hot box the entire house. Since 10 of us live here, you can imagine this house is big, and they managed to do that. I was to say the least, livid. So much more has happened but I don’t want to make you read for hours, but now that I am back I can keep you updated better.


Now for just my personal life things that are going on, which isn’t much in all honesty. I have a tad bit of what you call seasonal depression, so when it starts to get cold and gloomy, I get cold and gloomy too. Being it has been so hot and nice this far I haven’t had to worry about it starting up, which is amazing for me. However, lately a lot of things in my life haven’t been going as planned or are turning out for the worst rather than the best. I have realized it is some of the people I associate with, they are not positive most times, which makes me become negative and it just doesn’t help. So I decided this week is going to be my positive week, no mater what is thrown at me. I ordered a book off of amazon that is called “Good Morning: 365 positive ways to start your day” and I am hoping it helps me out. I think just a positive quote in the morning will help set my mood for the rest of the day. But I will let you know how that ends up going.

Since I have literally written a book and if you made it this far, I appreciate it a ton. I should now end my book though, because we both know we are procrastinating something. I hope you have an amazing week and I’ll be back on Tuesday!


Yes, I am Still Alive!

I have been so MIA this summer, and it’s almost over which means I had time to make you a short video for an update. I made this while I was sick with a really bad cold so please don’t mind my voice and sniffles.

Now that college is starting up, my baking blog will be put on the back burner till I can bake again. We all know we can’t spare too much money during the school year so no baking materials will be at my house. However, this blog will be back and better than ever since I literally kill it at college. Plus this year is the big 2-1!!!

So stay tuned to keep up with my crazy, dysfunctional life!


My Video For This Week

Miss Me? (Riverdale spoilers and review)

I hope you all have at least tried to watch the newer series on Netflix called “Riverdale”. If not get on it sister! I think this show just goes fast enough for me because, usually crime or mystery shows take forever to get going. This one actually kind of moves fast, so if you don’t actually watch and pay attention you can get lost so quickly.

I thought that this series was like really good, but also cheesy if that’s the right word to use? When I first saw one of the main characters Archie, I was slightly disappointed. I thought that the main male lead would me a smoke show kind of guy, but he was kind of just average; with a six-pack. Then as the series went on and you get to know him more, damn boy where can I find myself an Archie?! (If anyone knows, can you hit a sister up?)

Now Betty is the more main female lead and she is that typical innocent, listens to mommy type girl. I don’t mind her like I really liked her at the beginning of the series but towards the end she started to annoy me.

Jug Head at first was someone I never thought I could get used to, but then again he is Cole Sprouse so… He has such a past that it was hard for me to like want to pay so much attention on him. Whatever he’s fine, I just hope next season he is in the picture, but just as a friend.

Veronica I have the most mixed feelings about… She is here, there, left, right, up, down, sideways… I like her, just not how she got with Archie without telling Betty.

Josie and the Pussycats are the group I can’t stand. Well Val is fine, but Josie grinds my damn gears.

I am so hopeful in season two that Archie and Betty get together or accidentally end up hooking up. THEY NEED TO BE TOGETHER DAMMIT.

I don’t want to tell you the cliff hanger because, it truly upset me so please watch or if you have please comment your thoughts on this series!


Graduation Weekend

I can honestly say I am so glad this weekend is finally over. Some people actually enjoy graduation weekend, but being a graduate and a graduates sibling is kinda close to being in hell; if you ask me.

Last week I put off baking two-hundred cupcakes, yes 200 cupcakes. Mini and normal size, which I also had to decorate. The mini ones were grass, and the normal size cupcakes were baseballs… Yeah it took over my life for two whole days, which is why I will never eat a cupcake again (that’s a lie). I had to call my cousin and her friend to come help this sister out. They took over on making the baseballs and the chocolate covered strawberries; which were a major hit.

The party seemed to never end, well it did at like midnight but it felt like it drug on forever. I was surprised at how well my brother handled it, he wasn’t too thrilled to have to stand and greet people for four hours (can you blame him?). I was glad that a lot of people he invited showed up, he also was very happy about that. Coaches, teachers, friends, family, lake friends, just everyone who showed up deserves a huge thank you. To those who couldn’t make it, thank you for the cards you sent.

There was one gift that really stood out to my brother and I, it was something of my dad’s that he received. One of my dads really good friends came to Brock’s graduation which was really nice of him. He gave Brock a card, but he also gave Brock gifts he received from being a pallbarer at my dads funeral. It was my dad’s money clip with his name engrave on it, and the hat my dad wore to work. It wasn’t a gift we expected, but we are thrilled he thought that Brock could now have a gift he was given. I am so thankful for the great people who are still in our lives even after we lost our father, it means so much to get gifts like that and to still hear stories. We still grieve everyday because, you never stop grieving and gifts like this help. We still learn about our father we had such a short time with, and we can’t be more thankful for that. So a huge thank you to Torgy for giving Brock such an amazing gift he will cherish for forever.

This weekend was great and I am so thankful for it all, now on to sub-section, section, and state baseball. Go Greyhounds!

The Greyhounds played their first game at BSU against Lake of the Woods, and got a win over them. That advanced them to play Black Duck, which they swept to become the sub-section champs. They play again on Thursday for sections. (I am bundled up because it was 40 degrees and wind).

IMG_4234 IMG_4235

I’m sorry I didn’t get my blog out last week on Thursday… My brother’s team won by one run, and an amazing catch that a freshmen made! They play this week ( June 5th) to see if they’re heading to state! Updates to come!


Here Goes Summer


Well I finally posted that video I have been saying I was going to. It is a longer one just because it has been a busy week since I got home, and so many little and big things happened so I had to make sure I didn’t leave a single thing out. Knowing me though, I definitely did. I forgot to tell you about the bridal shower I went to.

This bridal shower is for a girl who used to babysit me and she has asked my mom to help plan her wedding right? This bridal shower however, was planned by the church ladies and was at our church. I felt that it was a very awkward shower just because it was the most random people there. We played the game that most people play at their bridal showers, you know the one where you make a toilet paper wedding dress and she picks the one she likes best. I got nominated to be the model for it, sadly we didn’t win.


Thank you all for watching this long and boring week of mine. Enjoy yours!