Yes, I am Still Alive!

I have been so MIA this summer, and it’s almost over which means I had time to make you a short video for an update. I made this while I was sick with a really bad cold so please don’t mind my voice and sniffles.

Now that college is starting up, my baking blog will be put on the back burner till I can bake again. We all know we can’t spare too much money during the school year so no baking materials will be at my house. However, this blog will be back and better than ever since I literally kill it at college. Plus this year is the big 2-1!!!

So stay tuned to keep up with my crazy, dysfunctional life!


My Video For This Week

2017 Must Haves

I am very picky about what I use on my face and my hair, so these are the things that I have loved and making sure I bring into 2017 with me.

Let’s start with makeup. I used to be the girl who only had mascara and eyeliner that I never used, now I have a makeup tote full of makeup and in need of another one. That means I have tried quite a bit of makeup this past year and here are a few I am definitely taking with me:

My Kylie Jenner lip kits, and her new brushes. They are just the best stay on lip sticks I can find, I had a friend try the lipsense lip gloss and she said you basically needed rubbing alcohol to get it off. That’s definitely not what I want. Congrats to Kylie, you’re coming into 2017 with me.

I am probably a Tarte maniac so I have to bring my Tarte pallets and oils with me! I have the Pro Glow, Tarte in bloom, young, wild & free pallet, the Maracuja oil and eye treatment, and color your world color correcting pallet. I absolutely love the oil and eye treatment, I was skeptical of the oil when I started using it thinking it would make me break out even more but it has been the opposite and I LOVE IT! The eye treatment sometimes makes my eyes chapped so I use it around twice a week because of that but it has worked for me! The way the Tarte pallets colors are so true and stay as pigmented makes my heart happy and I think that’s why I am currently obsessed!


img_3366I love the Anastasia Beverly hills contour kit. It is my favorite one however, I just wish it had better highlights and maybe more of the glow. I still love all the different dark contour shades it has, my face is very light in the winter compared to the summer so having more than one color to contour is like a saving grace.


My Urban decay that I have is the prep spray and the eye primer along with the naked pallets, and I love them all. However, I am on a Tarte kick so the eye shadow may make a couple of appearances in 2017 but not as much as my Tarte pallets will. They eye primer and Prep spray will be brought into 2017 because  I love how light they both feel on my skin and how well each of them work! I’ve been using the same eye primer for about a year and I won’t use any other because I just love it so much! The prep spray is actually not the one I originally wanted to get, but I actually love it and how it doesn’t make my face feel gross and that it is vitamin infused. I am a freak about my face and what is used on it so whenever I can get vitamins or organic oils on it, I’ll take it!


To finish off with the makeup I’m taking with me into 2017, I’ll be taking my amazing brush wash! I have those Kylie brushes that are white and I’ve used basically black on them and somehow that amazing wash got it out. I use it on all my brushes all the time, like you should after every use.


For the beauty side such as my hair, which is curly, blonde and damaged these are the products I am bringing into 2017.

I absolutely LOVE this mousse, I struggled finding the right one till I was about 16 and I haven’t looked back. You can get those certain mousses that make your hair crunchy no matter the amount you use, or the ones who barely work unless you use so much it becomes crunchy. This one however has never made my hair crunchy and it has provided me with non frizz curls for 4 years and I won’t go without it. The downside to this product is you can’t just go out and buy it, you have to get it through your hairdresser, yes it is more on the expensive side but very very worth it.


I love the Aveda hair care, I will not go to a salon that doesn’t use Aveda because it is so natural and the most healthiest color that’s out there. When I studied abroad I made sure there was an Aveda salon I could get to! This leave in conditioner is honestly the best you can find and it does wonders. You have to use it sparingly though, a little goes a long way! I don’t go anywhere without this bad boy!


I just recently started using the brand Bumble and Bumble, which I was skeptical of at first because it wasn’t my typical Aveda brand. Turns out to be one of my favorite brands along side Aveda. I have the Booster Spray, Blow Dry, and Invisible Oil for dry to very dry hair. I love the booster spray, I had really and I mean really bad breakage and this spray has really helped keep those baby length hairs growing and not having coarse or split ends. I use that before I apply my Aveda leave in conditioner. The Blow dry serum is also another great product because you apply in to help prevent heat damage when your hair is wet. My hair hasn’t had any sign of heat damage since I started using it (keep in mind my hair isn.t blow dried all that much). The last product is the dry to dry hair treatment and man oh man to I swear by this. My hair has been dyed platinum blonde for a couple of years and it’s seen better days but once I found this treatment my hair has never been more healthy. I even got my brother to try it because he rocks the long hair during the winter months, and being a guy he even noticed so ladies go try this one out!

My last product is for us blondes that have a tougher time keeping your blonde vibrant. I have well water at home and that makes my blonde become very brassy so to keep my blonde less brassy and more blonde I use the Paul Mitchell Blonde shampoo. It really does keep your blonde hair very vibrant and blonde till you can get in again and I totally recommend this shampoo if you’re a blonde or plan to be one.


I wish you all the happiest of new years, and if you try one of these products please let me know what you thought! XOXO


Koko Kollection Review

Again my apologies to you guys for not getting these reviews out sooner, or ever getting the October release out, busy busy I tell ya. Now that I’m done with finals and back home I am ready to do your Koko Kollection. Kylie made these shades with her sister Khloe, with all the different things Khloe says and is called. I LOVE this kollection!

To start, it came in its original black box, with this cute little box inside! Full of the colors that you get to see!  From right to left the colors are, GORG, KHLO$, OKURR (all matte), and DAMN GINA for her gloss. img_3190

I also swatched them before putting them on to get a feel of how this kollection laid out. Also HOW FREAKING CUTE ARE THE BOTTLES?!

The first one I tried on was the gloss, I liked how subtle it was on my lips. It is such an easy wear, and it applied smoother than her other glosses in my opinion. (Please disregard my gross face, it is the day after finals). Also be aware that there is quite a bit of glitter in the gloss, so in my next pictures, there will still be glitter on me.


KHLO$ was next and it applied lighter than when it dries. I still like it though however I feel like it’s very similar to some of Kylie’s dark nude shades she already has.


GORG was next, I did this in order of brightness because OKURR is very bright and neon. Well GORG was a lot darker than I thought it would be, I thought it looked like a lighter color however, it is not. Still super cute though!


Last, but definitely not least… OKURR. This color is super bright, but super fun! For a pool party is where I can picture it best, or somewhere tropical. Be ready for you eyes to be blind at the first look! This one also dried the quickest. This lighting also made the color in the picture different, but if you look at my swatch it’s a neon pink!


My overall review of this kollection is great, and would definitely recommend. It has all those different tones you could need, but in fun pink-like colors! If you love pinks and neon pink, I recommend this kollection.

Hello my pretties!

I am so sorry I haven’t been writing often at all… College, Halloween, and my birthday have had me very busy and trying to find time for just myself has seemed impossible. I will give you some updates on new Kylie colors soon, and I’m sorry if you missed out on buying any lip kits yesterday and getting a free KyMajesty lip gloss with your order. I’ll try be better about keeping you more updated. I also hope you all had an amazing Halloween and didn’t take to many L’s.

I have started an etsy shop and would love for you all to check it out! I make homemade bath bombs or bath fizzies that are amazing! I currently only have orange Tazo tea infused up for the bath bombs, but I also have a Vanilla pumpkin spice latte sugar scrub available too! The link is: Minnesnowta Scarves So check it out! Also I would love for new ideas as to sugar scrubs or even bath bomb scents! You can also give the shop a follow on Twitter @MNscarves

Have an amazing week all!



A little bit of a change..

I know I haven’t been blogging lately, well because college is consuming my life. Getting any me time to write for at least 15 minutes is a struggle. Since college has consumed my life, I have also needed to stop spending so much on Kylie Lip Kits, and more time on ColourPop! So I will be getting reviews on it as soon as I receive them. I know a lot of people have said they like their products and love how cheap they are! I mean I can’t blame them when a lip gloss, stick, or any type of lip products they carry are around $6, you just can’t pass that up. I’ll try keep more blogs coming, I just kind of needed to get good grades since I paid my life away. Love to all! XOXO

Kylie lip kit- Kristen (Summer color)

This is the last of the summer colors that I will review being there was only three, and Kristen is one of those three. Kylie named this lip kit after her mother Kris Jenner, that was when we all found out Kris’s real name was Kristen. Her mother was very excited and happy to receive one of these lip kits because of it being named after her, she even made a cute Instagram post about it thanking Kylie.

This summer color isn’t a red, but more of a pinkish red. I personally have kind of a difficult time pulling the color red off, so I was a tad nervous to try this lip kit out. You can tell that there is a pinkish tone in the red color, but the gloss goes on more red than pink. The liner is very bright so if you want it to look more natural just blend it into you lips. I think this color is a fun summer one, a lot of blue is worn or brighter colors and this could really top an outfit off.

The wait wasn’t too long on this gloss to matte change. The color however lightens up for you when it dries, so no freaking out untill its dried.

You can see that after it has dried it lightened up, I think it’s perfect for people who don’t want a red lipstick because it’s too bold. I think it has the right amount of red to pink ratio for someone. However, mine is not as light as Kylie’s appears to be so heads up on that.


Kylie lip kit – Ginger (Summer color)

If I had, had more time to do Ginger along with Maliboo I would have because, they are both apart of the three summer colors. Now Ginger is a tough color for me to describe to you, it isn’t a normal one you see many people wearing. When you take it out of the box and look at the tube, it looks like an orange brown color. I think this one should have been switched with Dirty peach because of the seasons.

This is a color I will probably wear a lot during the fall months because of its subtle orange mixed with brown. I just think that since in the fall we wear more darker neutral colors that this one will work very well with almost any fall outfit combination. The liner applied a little tougher this time. I’m not sure if I just got one that was just a bad mix but it wasn’t as smooth sailing has the others have been. I then applied the gloss, which right away you knew that you can wear it with almost any fall outfit. I kind of over lined my lips because of the lightness of the liner other wise I would have just done a normal lip line.

Then you do your typical wait for it to dry, which I found out that Kylie actually pats hers dry. I have tried it but I tend to not like how the end product looks when you do that, plus I think it will come off easier while you are having a drink or out to eat.

I just think this color will be so fun for fall and can’t wait to rock it in the upcoming months! P.s. This is Kylie’s and I think that in the right lighting that it would be very similar to what it looks like on her.



Kylie lip kit – Love Bite

This is another of Kylie’s recent releases that went along with Dirty Peach, and Brown Sugar. I did not get Brown Sugar, I’m sorry. I just knew it wouldn’t be my color so I thought maybe this time I’ll save some money and get the ones I think will work with my skin tone and style. Love bit is definitely a fall color because it’s on the darker side and matches fall outfits. I think it could possibly pull a whole fall outfit together if paired with the right outfit.

The liner on this one is dark, so I’d make sure that you blend it into your lips or it will look funny. I was actually really worried about how dark this color would turn out to be on me, and I feel like it turned out to be okay! Which is always a good thing with these lip kits! These are just some different angles of the liner without it blended to show you what it looks like, and just to see how dark it really is.

The wait for it to try is always kind of suspenseful. You don’t know whether it will get lighter as it dries, or darker, or even if you truly like it. This color did go on very dark, and it was a little worrisome for me because I don’t do too well with dark colors.

Photo on 9-3-16 at 11.57 AM #2

Your end result is always matte of course, and that is what you get! You can tell I was having fun with this color! However, it is much darker on me than on any of Kylie’s friends or herself. I still think it’s a fun fall color anyway! XOXO




Kylie lip kit – Dirty Peach

This is Kylie’s newest matte color along with Love Bite and Brown Sugar. It’s a lighter color which I kind of found interesting because most are darks or neutrals. I think it will be a fun one though. It’s a brighter orange color, which certain skin tones it may not work as well with. However, I decided to give it a try to get a review on it for you.

I think this color will be a fun one for the end of summer, but I wish she would have released it when she released Ginger, Kristen and Maliboo. It is so much brighter than Ginger or Kristen, actually I think it should have been Kristen, Dirty Peach and Maliboo, they are all so complimentary for summer. However, it can also work as a fun fall color throw it on with some dark greens or browns.

The liner that came with the Dirty Peach was one of the sharper ones I got, so I’d recommend you blend this one into your lips pretty well. It still went on just as smoothly as the others did, which is something you all know I love.

Photo on 9-3-16 at 11.21 AM

Applying it was also smooth and if you had a hand spasm or something it’s not that crazy noticeable if you just wipe it off with just your finger instead of a makeup wipe. This color was so fun right as I applied it, I think she should consider making it a gloss because it’s such a fun color.

Photo on 9-3-16 at 11.22 AM

This one I personally thought dried really quickly compared to the other ones I have done. Maybe it’s because my lips are dry or that there was a slight change in the formula. I took two pictures of the end result because I always scrunch my lips so I decided to take a semi decent smiling one as well.

The matte should always be your finished product, and I just am really excited about how this color turned out! It’s not too orange but it has a hint of it while also being more neutral. I hope you enjoyed the review. Kylie’s picture below shows it on many different skin tones and I think that is a huge deal because, then everyone can get a taste of what it should look like on them. I think that this color is almost exact with how it looks on Kylie and her friend to the left of her, as it does on me.