What is With Today?

I am writing because, today is just a random day in my life that I woke up with a positive mind and attitude. I think it’s weird because, I have a test today that I know I won’t do the best on due to some circumstances that took place in this past week. I just wanted to write about this morning just incase, someone needs to hear what I needed to hear.

Let me start out with the beginning of today, I woke up to my phone constantly buzzing from morning messages. I have it on night mode till 7:30am, and today I didn’t have my test till noon so why was I up? I have this huge window in my room that lets in a ton of natural light, and today the sun was shinning very brightly, right into my room. I think that is what got me started off on the right foot. I decided to get up shower, make myself some coffee and do a little studying.

A roommate was up early for her day off and we sat and chatted for a bit till she left for home. As we were chatting I had been on Facebook and a friend had shared and article on positive attitude and that it really isn’t as bad as you make it. I have never needed to read an article like that, more than I needed it today. It helped my mood even more realizing that I do dwell on things, and react to things more than I should. I give my attention to the bad parts of the day and not the good. I need to focus more on the little bits, like seeing a friend and having time to hangout with them, or making my favorite dinner because, I did well in Lab. Maybe just the fact that my friends, roommates, family, etc, are all doing well and we have no reason to dwell on anything else.

Yes, I might be thinking negatively after this test I’m about to take, maybe I will hate the way my hair curled today, or the fact that I have to warm up my car for 15 minutes before I leave. I just need to take a second to look back at all of that and think, well at least I am able to get a degree in a field I love, or the fact that this is just one test I won’t do the best on and need to do better on the next, I should embrace my natural curls and how unique they are each day, I should be thankful to have a working car that I can afford to fill and drive. These things I dwell and think negatively on need to be changed in my mind, I need to start focusing on everything I take for granted. Some people don’t have the mom I do, who will listen to me when I need, but also tell me I need to get my shit together because, life isn’t easy. I am thankful for everything today, and I hope to be able to change the way I have been thinking to help me and the ones around me.

Sometimes you just need to wake up early one morning, shower, get yourself some coffee, and sit in the sunlight filled room to start your day off just right.


Published by

Marissa Hemmesch

The typical 20 year old college girl that is the driver of the struggle bus! Baking and makeup are my two favorite things! Make sure you check out both my blogs! P.S. I love making new blog friends!


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