NYC Day 6

Well today was a very slow day for us, we weren’t sure what to do because of the weather. It was chilly here today, nothing like home obviously but, cold for here. We had originally planned to do the Highline, which is a garden built on an old railroad track, but we thought that would be prettier in the summer. Even though we thought it was too chilly to do that we decided to go to Central Park, which was very chilly. I would have been a lot better had the sun covered the park, but with all those buildings you barely get any.

We got down to Columbus Circle and decided since it was 1PM, we should eat. We ate at this restaurant called Patsy’s, it’s an Italian restaurant that has been run by a family over decades. You can’t get reservations for dinner there it is so booked, thank the Lord it wasn’t busy at lunch and we got in. It was such a cute place, and the servers were male and most were older gentlemen, such sweeties too. I would recommend Patsy’s to someone to enjoys Italian food, but to book far in advance.


Finally we got moving to Central Park, and oh my goodness it was chilly, and I think the cold only made me having to pee even worse. After our very short walk we went to a tea caf√© to get something to warm us up, and use the bathroom. While we were walking in Central Park we saw this Macaron shop that the locals had set up, and I am a true Macaron lover so we of course had to stop and get a few. By a few I mean six…oops.


Since we were approaching 3PM we decided to make our trek back to Time’s square so my mom could get a little paperwork done before our evening of the Rockettes and a reservation at the R Lounge.

Let me start by saying the Rockettes are not what I expected, and I’m not quite sure what I expected but it wasn’t it. I feel like the hype might have been too big, like the show was decent and fun to see but, I felt like it would be more and put me in the Christmas music. I wasn’t anymore into the Christmas spirit than before but, maybe I’m just a lost cause this year. If you haven’t seen the Rockettes I’d say for sure go, but don’t listen to the crazy hype. To be completely¬† honest I enjoyed the Phantom of the Opera a lot more than the Rockettes, granted they are completely different things. Just thought I would walk out singing Christmas music, and ready to see some snow fall and really feel like Christmas was here, I just felt the same as before I saw the show.

See you tomorrow!

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Marissa Hemmesch

The typical 20 year old college girl that is the driver of the struggle bus! Baking and makeup are my two favorite things! Make sure you check out both my blogs! P.S. I love making new blog friends!


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