NYC Day 2

Well I’m going to start off saying that we hadn’t had anything set in stone, or scheduled besides the Rockettes. These next few days are just a kind of whatever we want to do, so they are kind of interesting. Today we decided we were going to try figure out the Subway system here and try get over to Brooklyn, also known as where lonely boy is from (for my gossip girl fans).

I have traveled a lot for only being 21, and I have experienced the D.C subways system, the London Underground, and Paris’s metro. Since I was and still am so used to London’s, I call them all the undergrounds, which I am not mad about so judge me. I think the NYC subway system is a mix of Paris and London’s, it took us a bit to figure it out just because, us being us, didn’t know what was uptown, versus downtown. Needless to say we figured it out quickly and are doing much better.

Brooklyn was just what we needed after yesterday and the disaster it entailed. I thought Brooklyn was really pretty and very quiet compared to where I’m staying, which is Times’s Square. So obviously Marissa that was going to be a lot quieter. We ate at this little cute coffee shop, and to be honest what caught my eye was the 2 for 1 mimosas. Who could pass that up?! Certainly not us. They also offered an amazing French toast stuffed with Nutella and bananas, my two favorite things in one place? It could not get better.

After we ate, we headed over to the Brooklyn bridge, which was so cool. The pictures we took, if you look off to the right, that apartment building was were lonely boys apartment was. You could about imagine the people over there for that specific picture, I looked at my mom at one point and said, “look at how extra some of these people are being for this picture.” They were like flipping their hair, and holding it trying to look sexy while wearing a turtle neck. So conflicting. We also took a little walk through the Brooklyn Bridge park by the river, it was a little chilly so we didn’t stay over there for long.

After we were done with the park, we were so cold we decided we needed some coffee or something to warm us up. We made our way to a small café and I ordered a Macchiato, which I was used to the Starbucks one, so when it came as a tiny little thing I was like “OH, okay.” It was good though either way.


As we made our way back to our hotel, we walked through 5th AVE and obviously bought a few things because, how can you not? We also walked outside of SAKS to look at their windows and lights. It was really cool, highly recommend. We also walked by the gigantic light string and it put me a little bit more in the Christmas Spirit. We ended that night saving some money, and ate at Olive Garden, sorry to disappoint. See you tomorrow!

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Marissa Hemmesch

The typical 20 year old college girl that is the driver of the struggle bus! Baking and makeup are my two favorite things! Make sure you check out both my blogs! P.S. I love making new blog friends!


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