New York New York

I am going to be posting everyday, what I did in New York. It will be the places I ate, the things I saw, or something stupid I saw. New York is full of people and fun sites to see, so tag along on my week long blog posts and see how I survived my week in NYC!

I had finished finals on the 14th, drove my friends to the airport on the 15th, after a night out and getting my brother’s truck towed. It was such a shit show I can’t even put it into words. After getting my friends to the airport, I had to drive home which was 4 1/2 hours from the airport. Doing that hungover and extremely tired was not the best idea, I made it though. I got home about 4pm, and I was exhausted beyond belief and I hadn’t even packed yet.


Of course I finished packing the last bits at 3am before my flight from Bemidji to MSP. That last minute packing set me back in a few ways, such as my mousse for my hair, ibuprofen, and many other things that had to be bought once we arrived. Our flight from MSP to JFK got delayed 4 1/2 hours so my mom and I hung out in the sky club lounge most of the time, by the time we got onto the flight for NYC it was delayed again another 45 min. Something that had to be reported, I’m not really sure. Anyway we made it… On a funny note, my mother while the plane was completely silent yelled so the entire plane could hear, “LOOK AT THAT USP PLANE, IT’S HUGE!!” I died from laughter and embarrassment!

The pictures below are pictures from our travel day:

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