I am back…!!!

I said earlier, like August, that I would start blogging again. Well you can see how well that went. Once school started it was so crazy busy I barely had time to go to the bathroom. Okay yes I am being dramatic, but it was crazy busy. I am going to give you a little update on myself and what’s new because, I do live in a house with 9 others so there is bound to be some fun and not so fun times.

Let me start with the school side of it. I am now more into my major, and can apply after this fall semester!! Exciting for us who are trying to adult. I will say though, that after chemistry last year I am not confident in myself when it comes to tests or anything and I am trying to work on that. I think I got so used to doing poorly it just put me in a funk and I am slowly climbing my way out.


In my major I have to take a Stats class that is an intro to stats but more on a scientific level. I was so pumped because, first of all it wasn’t regular math, and second of all you are applying science to it to make it relatable. LOL why do I think those things… I ended up with a professor who sounds like he is from the heart of Africa and doesn’t answer your questions, he takes the long way around which makes it more confusing. I don’t understand him, so therefore I don’t understand what we are doing. You are probably thinking well just read the book at teach yourself, well guys… he wrote the book. Now you’re probably thinking, go to the tutor center, too late pal I did and she couldn’t help me. So I took it upon myself after my 4th breakdown over it, to contact the other professor and see if I could meet up with them. Of course they said anytime during office hours, but of course I haven’t gone because the office hours are 8:30am-10am. So there is that.


For my living situation, man do I got stories to tell. Where do I even start though, it’s not like I only have one roomie with one story. I’ll start with recent events, and then see where the wind takes us. One of my roomies just got a dog about 3 or 4 weeks ago, which all of us were excited about right? Well this dog is from the human society, which breaks all of our hearts, and he has anxiety to top it off. He is 1 1/2 years old and has meds for his anxiety. Well everyone who has had or been around a young dog knows that they have a ton of energy. Well his owner seems to forget, and he goes nuts around the house ruining people’s stuff. Just the other day he ruined one of my other roommates bras, and it wasn’t like a target one, it was Victoria Secret. He has peed on the floor, ate peoples food, and dug holes in the yard. It doesn’t stop there, he is also living here illegally, which she told us he was here legally. He was a great dog and still is, but he is lashing out because, she took him off his anxiety meds cold turkey. He has started biting people and leaving bruises or blood blisters, and barking uncontrollably. So that is one situation. Another was when I think I left the house for maybe 30 minutes at most, and somehow my roomies managed to hot box the entire house. Since 10 of us live here, you can imagine this house is big, and they managed to do that. I was to say the least, livid. So much more has happened but I don’t want to make you read for hours, but now that I am back I can keep you updated better.


Now for just my personal life things that are going on, which isn’t much in all honesty. I have a tad bit of what you call seasonal depression, so when it starts to get cold and gloomy, I get cold and gloomy too. Being it has been so hot and nice this far I haven’t had to worry about it starting up, which is amazing for me. However, lately a lot of things in my life haven’t been going as planned or are turning out for the worst rather than the best. I have realized it is some of the people I associate with, they are not positive most times, which makes me become negative and it just doesn’t help. So I decided this week is going to be my positive week, no mater what is thrown at me. I ordered a book off of amazon that is called “Good Morning: 365 positive ways to start your day” and I am hoping it helps me out. I think just a positive quote in the morning will help set my mood for the rest of the day. But I will let you know how that ends up going.

Since I have literally written a book and if you made it this far, I appreciate it a ton. I should now end my book though, because we both know we are procrastinating something. I hope you have an amazing week and I’ll be back on Tuesday!


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Marissa Hemmesch

The typical 20 year old college girl that is the driver of the struggle bus! Baking and makeup are my two favorite things! Make sure you check out both my blogs! P.S. I love making new blog friends!


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