Miss Me? (Riverdale spoilers and review)

I hope you all have at least tried to watch the newer series on Netflix called “Riverdale”. If not get on it sister! I think this show just goes fast enough for me because, usually crime or mystery shows take forever to get going. This one actually kind of moves fast, so if you don’t actually watch and pay attention you can get lost so quickly.

I thought that this series was like really good, but also cheesy if that’s the right word to use? When I first saw one of the main characters Archie, I was slightly disappointed. I thought that the main male lead would me a smoke show kind of guy, but he was kind of just average; with a six-pack. Then as the series went on and you get to know him more, damn boy where can I find myself an Archie?! (If anyone knows, can you hit a sister up?)

Now Betty is the more main female lead and she is that typical innocent, listens to mommy type girl. I don’t mind her like I really liked her at the beginning of the series but towards the end she started to annoy me.

Jug Head at first was someone I never thought I could get used to, but then again he is Cole Sprouse so… He has such a past that it was hard for me to like want to pay so much attention on him. Whatever he’s fine, I just hope next season he is in the picture, but just as a friend.

Veronica I have the most mixed feelings about… She is here, there, left, right, up, down, sideways… I like her, just not how she got with Archie without telling Betty.

Josie and the Pussycats are the group I can’t stand. Well Val is fine, but Josie grinds my damn gears.

I am so hopeful in season two that Archie and Betty get together or accidentally end up hooking up. THEY NEED TO BE TOGETHER DAMMIT.

I don’t want to tell you the cliff hanger because, it truly upset me so please watch or if you have please comment your thoughts on this series!


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