A week of me

I know this is my blog about makeup, but we all have those super rough weeks that we have to share so others can laugh with us. To tell you the truth since this semester started it’s been one of those weeks for 3 of them now.

Well how do we start this week off, being it’s only Wednesday lets start with last Friday. I have math at 9am all the way on the opposite side of campus while I also have an extra 4 blocks to walk just to get to campus. I get a good 15 min walk in every other morning. However, I am someone who loves sleep so this 9am that I thought was a good idea, was definitely not one of my better ideas. Any who… so I usually get up at 7:45 eat breakfast and try get out the door by 8:45. Since spring break is coming up I have tried to start eating better so I don’t look like a whale on the beach, and one of my routines is to drink green tea on the walk to class. I went to grab my freshly brewed tea and the cup like combusted and I burnt my hand and my legs, while also have tea all over my pants and shirt. At this point it was honestly too late to change so guess who walked in 25 degree weather with wet pants to class, if you guessed me you’re 100% right.


The weekend goes by, which was fine I just had a ton of homework I needed to get done that I didn’t, per usual. Monday strolls around and I have a math test, which I think I’ll do ok on because it was review… LOL AT MYSELF!!! Tuesday before my chemistry lab I got the grade back… failed, yes actually failed, not a oh no I got a B failed, a oh sh*t I got an F failed. SO THAT WAS AWESOME! My chem lab started at 11am so I left the house around 10:35, once I stepped foot onto campus I realized I forgot the two formal lab reports back at home… So guess who had to run home with 20min to spare to grab her lab reports, yes again me. I made it to lab where my best friend and I are chem partners, well neither of us remembered to grab a jump drive to save our data on so we had to borrow someones…. Yeah we have our shit together as you can probably already tell. That lab was so confusing and hard I don’t even know if I can do my lab report for next week. Also since I failed my math test I needed to turn in all my “text book homework” to be able to do a retake, well of course I didn’t do it so I have to spend the rest of my Tuesday doing my math I never did. Also did I mention I have a chem test Wednesday at 10am? Right about that…

Wednesday rolls around and I woke up early to study chem because I was exhausted by the time I got done with my math late late Tuesday night. In hopes that this little amount of studying may help before my test in 4 hours. I made myself tea today in hopes that it goes better than last Friday, and surprisingly it did so there was a win for me this week because all these L’s are killing me. Get to chem after math and sit down just waiting to fail, I even texted my mom saying I was sorry about how bad I am doing in school, her reply was, “Failing build character”. You know what motto I’m going to be living by this semester… that one. The test I felt was a toss up, which usually means I failed, plus I still was 100% sure on how to do some of the problems so that doesn’t help. The test was 33 questions and we had 50 minutes to do it, well I finished within like the last 5 seconds… after I walked home laid down, and here I am…


I hope you all enjoyed reading how awful my week has been, I assure you that I’ll be fine (maybe) and that I hope you all are having a way better week than myself. XOXO




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Marissa Hemmesch

The typical 20 year old college girl that is the driver of the struggle bus! Baking and makeup are my two favorite things! Make sure you check out both my blogs! P.S. I love making new blog friends!


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