My Christmas Outfit

I am going to start with a tad of a background story so this blog makes sense. My parents were divorced and my dad passed away 9 years ago and every Christmas Eve I go to his side of the family’s Christmas, and the Christmas day is spent with my mom’s side. I also lost my grandpa on my mom’s side a couple of years ago so every Christmas Eve I go to church with my grandma. These are the pictures from Christmas Eve and what I wore.

My brother looks like a goof so don’t mind him. I wore a navy blue turtleneck dress, with black bootie heels and a 3 tier necklace. It was very comfy and cute. On my lips were the shade “Angel” from the Kylie Christmas Edition. I had Tarte in bloom on my eyes, Anastasia contour, with Tarte highlight and Pür powder. img_3293

I’m sorry I didn’t take a selfie for you guys I thought I had.

I need to share with you this funny story that happened on Christmas Day and that grandma in the picture above’s house. (My mom’s, mom) My brother has never brought a girl to Christmas so it was kind of big deal, and my aunt, my uncle, and I set them up  a date table which is normally the little kid table. How cute is it?!

I hope you all had amazing Holidays! Cheers to the new year! XOXO



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