Kylie lip kit- Kristen (Summer color)

This is the last of the summer colors that I will review being there was only three, and Kristen is one of those three. Kylie named this lip kit after her mother Kris Jenner, that was when we all found out Kris’s real name was Kristen. Her mother was very excited and happy to receive one of these lip kits because of it being named after her, she even made a cute Instagram post about it thanking Kylie.

This summer color isn’t a red, but more of a pinkish red. I personally have kind of a difficult time pulling the color red off, so I was a tad nervous to try this lip kit out. You can tell that there is a pinkish tone in the red color, but the gloss goes on more red than pink. The liner is very bright so if you want it to look more natural just blend it into you lips. I think this color is a fun summer one, a lot of blue is worn or brighter colors and this could really top an outfit off.

The wait wasn’t too long on this gloss to matte change. The color however lightens up for you when it dries, so no freaking out untill its dried.

You can see that after it has dried it lightened up, I think it’s perfect for people who don’t want a red lipstick because it’s too bold. I think it has the right amount of red to pink ratio for someone. However, mine is not as light as Kylie’s appears to be so heads up on that.


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Marissa Hemmesch

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