Kylie lip kit – Ginger (Summer color)

If I had, had more time to do Ginger along with Maliboo I would have because, they are both apart of the three summer colors. Now Ginger is a tough color for me to describe to you, it isn’t a normal one you see many people wearing. When you take it out of the box and look at the tube, it looks like an orange brown color. I think this one should have been switched with Dirty peach because of the seasons.

This is a color I will probably wear a lot during the fall months because of its subtle orange mixed with brown. I just think that since in the fall we wear more darker neutral colors that this one will work very well with almost any fall outfit combination. The liner applied a little tougher this time. I’m not sure if I just got one that was just a bad mix but it wasn’t as smooth sailing has the others have been. I then applied the gloss, which right away you knew that you can wear it with almost any fall outfit. I kind of over lined my lips because of the lightness of the liner other wise I would have just done a normal lip line.

Then you do your typical wait for it to dry, which I found out that Kylie actually pats hers dry. I have tried it but I tend to not like how the end product looks when you do that, plus I think it will come off easier while you are having a drink or out to eat.

I just think this color will be so fun for fall and can’t wait to rock it in the upcoming months! P.s. This is Kylie’s and I think that in the right lighting that it would be very similar to what it looks like on her.



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Marissa Hemmesch

The typical 20 year old college girl that is the driver of the struggle bus! Baking and makeup are my two favorite things! Make sure you check out both my blogs! P.S. I love making new blog friends!


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