Kylie lip kit – Love Bite

This is another of Kylie’s recent releases that went along with Dirty Peach, and Brown Sugar. I did not get Brown Sugar, I’m sorry. I just knew it wouldn’t be my color so I thought maybe this time I’ll save some money and get the ones I think will work with my skin tone and style. Love bit is definitely a fall color because it’s on the darker side and matches fall outfits. I think it could possibly pull a whole fall outfit together if paired with the right outfit.

The liner on this one is dark, so I’d make sure that you blend it into your lips or it will look funny. I was actually really worried about how dark this color would turn out to be on me, and I feel like it turned out to be okay! Which is always a good thing with these lip kits! These are just some different angles of the liner without it blended to show you what it looks like, and just to see how dark it really is.

The wait for it to try is always kind of suspenseful. You don’t know whether it will get lighter as it dries, or darker, or even if you truly like it. This color did go on very dark, and it was a little worrisome for me because I don’t do too well with dark colors.

Photo on 9-3-16 at 11.57 AM #2

Your end result is always matte of course, and that is what you get! You can tell I was having fun with this color! However, it is much darker on me than on any of Kylie’s friends or herself. I still think it’s a fun fall color anyway! XOXO




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