Kylie lip kit – Dirty Peach

This is Kylie’s newest matte color along with Love Bite and Brown Sugar. It’s a lighter color which I kind of found interesting because most are darks or neutrals. I think it will be a fun one though. It’s a brighter orange color, which certain skin tones it may not work as well with. However, I decided to give it a try to get a review on it for you.

I think this color will be a fun one for the end of summer, but I wish she would have released it when she released Ginger, Kristen and Maliboo. It is so much brighter than Ginger or Kristen, actually I think it should have been Kristen, Dirty Peach and Maliboo, they are all so complimentary for summer. However, it can also work as a fun fall color throw it on with some dark greens or browns.

The liner that came with the Dirty Peach was one of the sharper ones I got, so I’d recommend you blend this one into your lips pretty well. It still went on just as smoothly as the others did, which is something you all know I love.

Photo on 9-3-16 at 11.21 AM

Applying it was also smooth and if you had a hand spasm or something it’s not that crazy noticeable if you just wipe it off with just your finger instead of a makeup wipe. This color was so fun right as I applied it, I think she should consider making it a gloss because it’s such a fun color.

Photo on 9-3-16 at 11.22 AM

This one I personally thought dried really quickly compared to the other ones I have done. Maybe it’s because my lips are dry or that there was a slight change in the formula. I took two pictures of the end result because I always scrunch my lips so I decided to take a semi decent smiling one as well.

The matte should always be your finished product, and I just am really excited about how this color turned out! It’s not too orange but it has a hint of it while also being more neutral. I hope you enjoyed the review. Kylie’s picture below shows it on many different skin tones and I think that is a huge deal because, then everyone can get a taste of what it should look like on them. I think that this color is almost exact with how it looks on Kylie and her friend to the left of her, as it does on me.


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