Kylie lip kit- Koko K

This lip kit is one of her older ones, but one of the more popular ones. Every time I go on it’s sold out, so thank goodness I got it when I could. I’m so obsessed I usually get the new ones as soon as she releases them, so they are in my cart and I’m checking out about 2 minutes after they went on sale.

A fun tidbit about buying on her site is to have a game plan. I had a friend who recently just discovered or I shouldn’t say discovered but wanted to try out Kylie’s line. She went online and hymned and hawed over a few products and when she went to checkout most were sold out. That being said make sure you know what you want before the release date so you can click, ship and be on your way.

Now Koko K is one of my favorites and has been since it was released. I personally think its more of a summer color than Maliboo was. This is a fun pink color which can bring out a pink in your outfit or help a lighter blue pop. It’s so fun; I wear it a ton. If you get it, I can almost bet you that it’ll be one of your most used shades.

Like all Kylie’s products it applies very easy, and bless her for that. Who likes having makeup that takes longer than it should to apply, we all got places to be and people to see. So I started by using my primer from Mac which is called Prep+Prime and I totally love it. I have tried a gloss kind but for matte shades I don’t like to use it, and this is more of a stick and doesn’t feel like a gloss. I just really love it for a quick apply and the non-sticky feeling.

Photo on 8-20-16 at 5.17 PM

The liner applied beautifully, like all the other times. Then the gloss applied very well, with my funny way of putting it on. I start with my bottom lip and use most of what’s on the applicator, then re-dip it and use the rest on my upper lip. It just feels more bolder and less of a smeared feel when you move your lips together to spread it around. Plus I feel like it stays on longer applying it like that. (Love that it says on through a meal!)

You can’t really see my liner because I blended it into my lips with my finger so my liner didn’t have a harsh line. Then we sit and wait for it to dry…

The end result should always be your matte look. Mine VS Kylie’s. (Sorry that was the best picture I could find of Kylie wearing Koko K).

The color is very similar to hers, just a little less pink I feel. It is truly the best color to pull off.

I’d love to hear thoughts and feedback! XOXO

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Marissa Hemmesch

The typical 20 year old college girl that is the driver of the struggle bus! Baking and makeup are my two favorite things! Make sure you check out both my blogs! P.S. I love making new blog friends!

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